Terri & Grinch, the first time they met!


The end of march 2012, our rottweiler Roxanne had died. No one is ever really ready for another dog, but sometimes things just happen, and sometimes one thing leads to another and to another and so on, and thats how we came to find Grinch!

While working one day, someone came by in a Prius, and i saw the head of a dog in the back of the car. I asked the person if their dog was a whippet, and he replied that his boy is a Greyhound. At that point the dog tried to stand up and anyone who knows either or both Greyhounds and the toyota prius will know that isn't going to work! The Greyhound stood up in the car and arched his back and doing so dented the roof of the car upward from within! The man said it was the third time it had happened and that his autobody shop now gives him a flat rate to fix it!

A short time later my wife and I were out somewhere and adoptable Greyhounds were there, we had encountered NGAP functions before and always loved any time we could get with any dogs we encounter while out and about. Shortlly after that I was online doing a google search the something Grinch related and among the results was a listing for a Greyhound Grinch, and I was beyond curious by that point and just waiting for the page to load! My two favorite things are THE GRINCH and EEYORE, and I believe that as much as I love EEYORE, anyone who names a pet or animal EEYORE doesn't like it very much! But this boy was beautiful, white with red on his left eye, right side and on his back between his hips, and deep endless eyes!

Somewhere in early to mid May I had found where NGAP is and how to get there. I had emailed to ask about him and got a return message saying he was allocated, but I was welcome to go there and see the facility and all the Greyhounds they have. Before the next day I received another email saying that it wasn't going to work with the family and I can come see him! So I learned where NGAP is and how to get there and I was up and out very early on a saturday morning by myself to go meet Grinch! After arriving at NGAP the person who greeted me asked if they can help me with anything, to which i replied "I'm here to see Mr. Grinch!" To which he laughed and gave me an OOOOOKAAAYYY!

Grinch and I walked together for a little while and talked a good bit! I told him I feel I am supposed to take him home and give him a home and a family, but also explained I wasn't ready to get emotionally connected again yet! YEAH FAT FRICKING CHANCE WITH THAT!   I realized I had monday off which was very rare, and I realized so did my wife Terri, so I took the opprotunity to take her to NGAP to meet Grinch herself! I talked him up about if he wins her, he'll be golden! 

On monday morning we got up and left for NGAP. Once we arrived we went back to the boys section and they met for the first time! The attendant leashed Grinch and handed it to Terri and explained the rules and everything about walking him. I let them walk alone together and have time with each other, as I did with him a few days before. I thought it was better if she and he walked alone together! That week I began to complete the adoption application!

So now it is the end of june and we were told it would be good if we attended the NGAP picnic at their facility and meet and talk with other greyhound owners and meet their hounds too, and also would be a chance to visit with Grinch too! Not that we ever had to have a reason to go see him while we were in the process, but it did feel a little like visiting a relative in jail each weekend when we would go see him!

While at the NGAP picnic, we had gotten ourselves a couple shirts from their store, and also got our shepard/whippet mix Amber a new collar before we went to wait for the adoption director as we were told she would like to see us in her office! UH OH WE GOT SENT TO THE OFFICE!!!! We were sitting outside her office when she came in and saw the bag. She said "You didn't get anything for the dog did you?" to which i turn to my wife and say quietly " We aren't getting him!" We went in and she asked "when are you picking up?" I said "picking up what?" she replied "The dog!" so i said "You never said we can have him!" I don't know if we ever went home happier or more excited! that week in between was long as we waited to bring him home!

Grinch came home on the morning of june 29th 2012! 

​Grinch's Story