​Running for Greyhounds

​Our goal is  simple,

To raise money for Greyhound rescues through donation while participating in running events! Our primary rescue we do this for is NGAP (National Greyhound Adoption Program), where our two Greyhounds came from! We have also participated in events in Pittsburgh, PA that benefited STEEL CITY GREYHOUNDS! We are open and very willing to try to fundraise and help any Greyhound rescue/Kennel that would like us to! 

If you would like to make a donation and have it go to your Greyhound rescue/kennel, let us know! either send us an email, text, call or simply indicate so while making the donation! Just make sure we have the information to send them the donation in your name via RUNNING FOR GREYHOUNDS!

Most if not all Greyhound rescues are non profit organizations and any and all donations whether money, food, blankets, toys etc...... are all always needed, and appreciated and a huge help to each organization! Money donations help the rescues with housing, feeding, and medical care for the Greyhounds while they wait for their forever home/families! There are so many retired Greyhounds waiting for their forever homes and forever families! When you adopt one (or more) of these amazing dogs (and former professional athletes i might add!) you have so much to gain and only your couch to lose!! No matter how much you spoil them, they give you the feeling that they do more for you than you do for them! Their love has no end!

Without rescues like NGAP, we wouldn't have our two beautiful Greyhounds, and all of you wouldn't have your special hounds either! As we can't bring home anymore any time soon, this is the next best thing we can do! We currently have runners/members in Southern New Jersey, Western Pennsylvania, Virginia, and us in South Eastern Pennsylvania! We have participated in events in Florida, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and here in Philadelphia! 

In addition to the running events we also do our own shirts which are available at our appearances and soon to be available online! the shirts include Greyhound logo, Greyhound logo tie-dye, Run4Greys, and shirts that look like our event shirts (these are red or royal blue and have one of our 2 logos on the chest and the NGAP logo on the upper left and our sponsor COMPANION PET HOSPITAL logo on the upper right! All available for varying donation! With more designs to come! We also have Greyhound wristbands as well!


Please, help us help them!

We run for all the Greyhounds in the rescues waiting for their forever homes,

We run for your Greyhounds,

​We run for our Greyhounds!

We thank you in advance for your help and support!

George & Theresa Kopishke


and everyone else at RUNNING FOR GREYHOUNDS! 

                 OUR GOAL