The first time we met Bristol!

​Our first photo of her!

After our first year we felt it was a great time to add to the clan, and a great way to celebrate the end of Running For Greyhounds first year and the beginning of our second year! 

On Saturday November 8th 2014 we gathered Grinch and our other 2 dogs and took them to NGAP where we all met with a few lady hounds to see how everyone liked one another! Although she wasn't our first choice, she was the best! At first sight Grinch and Bristol were in love! As she was brought into the room, they were like cartoons with hearts in their eyes, tails helicoptering furiously behind them both! WE HAD FOUND OUR LADY HOUND!!!!

Unlike with Grinch, which was a gradual process, everything happened so fast the second time around! We had met Bristol just a week before, and I am sure that day she likely thought it would be just as any other day and surely didn't expect to be taken from her kennel, brought into a room with a bunch of people and other dogs and shortly after put in the back of a car and taken away to a house and area she didn't know! Her whole world changed in a few hours, but from that day and everyday since, Grinch and Bristol show their love, care and affection for eachother! 

The only thing better than a Greyhound.......


                                                         Is 2 Greyhounds!!


​Grinch & Bristol outside the Cherry Hill Mall before their Running For Greyhounds appearance at Macy's!